Theresa's Testimonials

Community members of all ages and backgrounds believe in Theresa's vision for the future. Here are just a few highlights:

She is the right candidate for the right time, and we are so fortunate that she has stepped up. She’s smart, tireless, and unwavering in her commitment to fairness and an economy that works for all of us. 
— Susan Merrow, Former First Selectwoman East Haddam, Past President National Sierra Club, Chair Connecticut Council on Environmental Quality

— Bill Dowling, former General Counsel for the Yankees, former Assistant NYC DA and former New Britain Rock Cats co-owner

US Congressman Joe Courtney endorses Theresa Govert for State Representative for East Hampton, East Haddam and Colchester, CT.

I am proud to be a strong registered Republican in the Town of East Haddam, although I can’t say that I embrace all that I have seen by the party on both the local and national level. Living in a small town has given me the opportunity to observe politics on a much closer level and meeting candidates who run for office. More specifically I have had the opportunity to meet with Theresa Govert and continue to be impressed by her.
She has steadily demonstrated a willingness to listen and consistently radiates a deep commitment to our community and state. We may not always agree, but Theresa is one who will listen to me with respect. She has been meeting with and learning from state economists from across the political spectrum to better understand the common-sense policies that we need. Theresa is very clear and concise about her values and keenly aware of what needs to be done. She is hard working, open minded, and I trust her to be an independent voice to move our state forward. This is why I am voting for Theresa Govert for State Representative.
— Stan Conover, Registered Republican
I’ve known Theresa Govert for almost my whole life. [...] Not only did she put forth incredible, tireless effort on a daily basis, but she also did something no one else in my life had ever done to me in my life until then: she made me evaluate my core beliefs. Before then, Theresa and I found ourselves at opposite ends of political thought. I thought I knew something about how the way things work and she forced me to ask difficult questions about what I think government is and what it should be, about our country and what it should be, and mostly about myself and who I should be. She didn’t preach to me. She didn’t try to cram her ideals down my throat. She didn’t treat me like an enemy, but rather a potential ally who just needed some convincing. I’m pretty sure that she’s only finding out all of this as she reads it now because I never told her any of this. Ladies and gentlemen, Theresa inspired me. She inspired me to care about more than just me and mine, to look beyond my small-town roots and see a bigger, grander picture of America. One that lives up to its creed that all are created equal. One that lives up to the highest ideals of its greatest minds. A notion of government that’s more than just budgets and bills. The idea that government can be a place for all of us to redress grievances and right injustices. An institution to provide for the common defense AND promote the general welfare without sacrificing one for the other so that we can truly secure the blessings of Liberty. This is the vision I know Theresa will bring to Hartford on behalf of the people of the 34th district with your help.
— Will Palleria, History Teacher
Theresa Govert is inclusive, intelligent, hugely empathetic, knows the issues, possesses deep insight into the interconnectedness of government structures and is inspirationally courageous.
— Thom Delventhal, Professor CCSU
A strong voice, an educated mind and a kind listener. I am happy to see a worthwhile Democratic nominee running for CT State Representative.
— Lois Baker Villa, East Hampton Resident
I first met Theresa last year while working at Cold Spring Farm with her. Sweat streaming down our faces as we weeded tomatoes or picked strawberries, we discussed politics—releasing our frustrations in the tearing of weeds from hungry soil. I remember Theresa’s dirt smudged face lighting up as she spoke about policies and people, and the new energy she brought to her work when she voiced her passions. Theresa simply cares about people, all people, so strongly that you can feel it radiating off of her. Not only is she intelligent, driven, and unafraid to quite literally get her hands dirty, but Theresa is compassionate and routinely puts others before herself. Too often politicians have ulterior motives for accepting the job, but Theresa is truly interested in public service. She has her head in the clouds yet is down-to-earth and understands that in order to change the world (and more specifically our little corner of the world), she must do her part. She is one of us. When I first heard that Theresa was running, I was ecstatic. I can think of no one to better represent the people of our district than Theresa.
— Laura Sokoloski, Student, Colchester
Theresa is a compassionate and amazing person. Her volunteer work shows that she puts people above all else and her continued service as a public servant proves her dedication. She’d make an excellent representative and is someone I trust.
— Anthony Bergeron, Veteran, Parent
I am proud and thrilled to stand behind Theresa who is running for State Representative in the 34th District. She is a forward thinking, hard working woman of character, compassion, and dedication who has always put the needs of her fellow man first.
— Jackie Fastaia, Artist

- Aaron Taylor, Small Business Owner

Every so often, you meet an individual who exemplifies empathy, compassion, honesty, service, and a genuine understanding of the human condition. Theresa is that person.
For a young adult, her grasp of liberty and justice for all, is well defined and well documented. She walks the walk and is not dismayed by the negativity that permeates our society. Instead of complaining and placing blame on others, she is thoughtful, articulate, and passionate in presenting her ideas and plans on how to best serve the citizens of our towns and the state.
Our future lies in the hands of our young. If Theresa Govert is any example, our future looks mighty bright!
— Kate O'Boyle, Retiree
Theresa has gone above and beyond supporting our small local farm. When she returned home from her time in the Peace Corps she made her way to our little farm to teach us some of the farming skills she learned. She purchased our products, shared her knowledge, and spread kind words about us to the community. Theresa did all this without us having to ask because that is the type of person she is. She operates on a higher level, seeing what needs to be done and doing it.
— Alex Chappell, Farmer & Small Business Owner
I wish more people were like Theresa! She cares deeply about the community she grew up in, the residents who live here, and the issues that effect us all. She is a positive role model for our youth and not only talks the talk, but walks the walk. She is positive, intelligent, kind and generously gives her time and talents to our community. I have no doubt that her amazing qualities will take her far in life and change many lives for the better!
— Denise Gable, East Haddam Youth & Family Services Board of Directors, Parent & Volunteer